Tuesday, 2 December 2008

And life goes on...

It is almost a week since the terror attacks on Mumbai..and I am ashamed to say that after 4 days of being glued to the television and almost non-stop discussions - now things are back to normal at my home.
Ofcourse, I am in faraway Leeds - faraway from Mumbai - so I guess it is probably normal. This just made me wonder if this is how our politicians feel - distant and cocooned from everything that the common man in India endures. Maybe with all the Z category security, they just donot feel the impact as much. That must be the reason why so many of them have come out with such callous statements. These statements, came from across the cross-section of parties - that just re-affirms my faith that every party in India is the same - full of the same kind of people.

The silver lining, this time, is that, thankfully, the Indian Government seems to have been forced to take some action - in both tackling the gaps within our security as well as putting the pressure on Pakistan. We also seem to be having the tacit support of the US - that hopefully will make some difference.
Most importantly, I do hope that this serves as the turning point that everybody is talking about. I hope that the Indian public anger results in
1. Rooting out the criminal elements in our political class.
2. Forcing the political class to be accountable,
3. Making the politicians realise that they cannot take the Indian public for granted,
4. Encouraging a new wave of fresh politicians who do not treat politics as their family business, instead, are really interested in trying to lead India to a glorious and safe tomorrow.


Indian Home Maker said...

Yes Smitha and this time they have gone just too far with their criminal apathy. I am so happy to see an awakening India, We'll not let this fire die. Each one of us will fight to make sure that this wave reaches every corner of this Nation.

Hitch writer is organising a Peace March in Bharuch tomorrow :)

Smitha said...

You are right! and I am sure that each one of us can make a difference. I so wish I were in a position to join such a march. I am right now in the UK - can't tell you how much I miss being in India right now. But I guess, each one of us can do what we can do - in some form or the other.