Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Goodbye,Awards and the No Criminals Campaign

I am off on my annual India vacation on Friday, so wanted to say a quick 'goodbye for now'. I am on holiday for 7 long weeks - Yippeeee!!! Can't tell you how wonderful that sounds to me! The only downside is that I am going to miss all of you - my blogging friends - a lot! I am definitely going to have blog withdrawal symptoms!

I have had such a wonderful time ever since last December - when I actually started interacting with other bloggers. Until then, I used to just post- not even bothering to see if anybody commented! It was only after I started reading other blogs and getting comments to my posts, that I discovered the true joy of blogging. Most of the time, I find the comments far, far more interesting than my posts. And now I am going to miss it all for the next 7 weeks :(

So just before leaving, I thought of passing on the awards as goodbye prezzies - doing an Akshay Kumar as Solilo calls it :)

First of all a huge THANK YOU to Indyeah for bestowing on me so many awards -can't tell you how delighted I am! Have been walking on air ever since - 'Aaj kal paaon zameen par nahin padte mere..' - the same feeling when I got my very first award from IHM :) Indyeah - I just do not know how to thank you .Indyeah passed me the Proximity, the Versatile blogger, Lovely blog and the I love your blog awards! Still can't believe it!

I am sure, most of you , would have received it many times -but please do accept it as a token of my appreciation and love.

The Proximity Award

These kind bloggers aim to find and be friends. They are not interested in prizes or self-aggrandizement. Our hope is that when the ribbons of these prizes are cut, even more friendships are propagated. Please give more attention to these writers! Deliver this award to eight bloggers who must choose eight more and include this cleverly-written text into the body of their award.

I pass this award on to

IHM - IHM is probably the closest, one can find to a 'mentor', in the blogosphere. Most of us, newcomers, will testify that IHM was the first person to comment on our blogs! I find her warmth and the energy amazing. For someone who has such a high traffic on her blogs - not only does she moderate and respond to every comment, she also takes the time out to visit so many blogs -which is so so encouraging. And all this while churning out amazing posts on every possible topic! IHM, I am sure that you must have got these a zillion times - but one more time from me :)

Solilo - My new blogging friend. For some reason, I feel a real connection with her.. I love your posts and your enthusiam! I especially loved your Letters from a father.. post.

Ajit - The so-called ordinary guy - who comes up with these wonderful posts with lots of deeper meaning! All packaged with a wonderful package of humour! I wish I could write like that!

Vinod Sharma - I am always impressed by your posts and always encouraged by your comments, even if we do not always agree :)

Happy Kitten - Another new blogging friend - really value your comments and have found some of your posts, very profound and thoughtful!

Manju - Your posts are so thought provoking and relevant. I always wait for your comments to my posts!

And of course Indyeah - I have to give it back to you! Your blog is wonderful. Some of your posts , make me feel as if you have taken my memories and written about them! You have such a flair with words and have a real knack of making people feel special. I have especially loved your ode to your father.

The Versatile Blogger Award

I would like to pass this award on to

Goofy Mumma - I find it amazing how she manages to churn out equally quality posts on both her blogs! If that is not enough - she is now spearheading the 'Say 'NO' to criminals in politics' campaign!

Mavin - Your range of topics is very impressive. You write just as lucidly on current affairs as you do in financial matters!

Sahaja - She is extremely versatile, her posts ranging from photo posts , to wonderful ads and whats more she also has a foodie blog!

Kanagu - For his posts which are as diverse as movie reviews, politics and wonderful, touching short stories!

Vimmuuu - Here's a versatile blogger who not only sings 'bisexual songs' , he also directs scary movies:)

Nimmy - She blogs, she cooks, she gardens - and from the look of it - she's good at all of it!

Hitchwriter - I missed you out, when I first posted it. I love your blog! Especially those moving posts about your family!



These 2 awards , the Lovely Blogger Award and I love your Blog awards, I would like to give to

Indyeah - yes - everything comes back to you!, Solilo IHM ,Ajit ,Vinod Sharma ,Goofy Mumma ,IHM, Kanagu ,Sagarone, Manju, Trailblazer, Sahaja ,Mavin,Nimmy, Vimmuuu ,Hitchwriter and Bones.

And now , coming on to more important things - the 'Say No to Criminals in Politics' Campaign that is being spearheaded by Goofy Mumma . It now has a logo. Anybody who feels strongly about this, please pick it up and display it on your blogs, use it in your posts.. And for any questions, suggestions.. please get in touch with

Well, its 1:00 am , and I am no night owl, my sleep addled brain can hardly comprehend what my fingers are typing.. So please please ignore any horrible typos or grammatical errors - I am too tired to proof read :(. I am not sure if I will be able to log on tomorrow - or during my vacation.. so incase I do not - see you all, past the Ides of March! Bye for now.


OG said...

blog withdrawal symptoms... :)LOL
The last time I heard, India does have internet connection :P

Thanks for the award.... :) Thanks a ton actually.....
and you write much better than me..... :)
Please do stay online...... and if not, then see you past the ides of march!!!!!

Sahana said...

Have a Great time in India!

Anonymous said...

Smi, I am already missing you :(.

Like you when I started blogging in Dec, it was just a place for me to scribble something and never bothered about comments, I said so too there. It is only after I started interacting with other bloggers through comments on their and my blogs that I understood how much one learn and enjoy this aspect of blogging.

Thank you Smi for the awards. For me it is a gift one exchanges when you start a new friendship. A token of love. So to friends!

Have an awesome vacation!

manju said...

Thank you for the awards, Smitha. I also still have an earlier award that you gave me, to respond to!

Are you really not going to blog for two months? I don't think you can stay away that long. Hamari yaad ayegi na?:)

Sagarone said...

You won't be able to stay away from blogging for 7 whole weeks, but anyway have a good vacation and enjoy your time out!

Indyeah said...

Smitha:-Aww...We'll miss you too...:)Blog withdrawal symptoms!lol!Hope not!

and You are most welcome!:)and Thank you so,so much for all the kind words...:)..
These now stay in the closet till I can pass them on again..:D
Enjoy yourself!Happy vacationing!:)

hitch writer said...

7 weeks ??? did u write that right !!!!

some one is getting jealous here !!!

Anonymous said...

Mee two very Jealous 7 Weeks :)

Bon Voyage. You will be missed.

@IHM is probably the closest, one can find to a 'mentor', in the blogosphere. - Thumbs Up to that, Most of my writing style has been inspired by IHM.

SD said...

Congratulations Smitha. You so deserve all the awards, for your great posts and wonderful writing style. :0

Thank you so much for passing them on to me. thank you thank you!!

Saritha said...

Happy vacation and have good time in india
what u said is write IHM is the 1st blogger who commented on my blog, it was unexpected.She has got many bloggers in her list, but she took time to write on my blog, i thank her for that.I always look forward for her new post.
thanks for u as well for posting on my blog
Have a bashing holiday

Anonymous said...

Congratulations and celebrations...when i tell everyone that Smitha and me got the awards!! [sing along shtylee :P]

I am overwhelmed! Thanks very much Smitha!

about IHM 100% with you for whatever you wrote there :)

Have a lovely vacation back home!
I know how it feels , was just back from Home!

Smitha said...

@Ajit - Yes I am aware that India does have internet connections - just that me and Internet connection in India never works out- plus the first 3 weeks - we are travelling like crazy :) Will log in after that - if the internet god is kind to me :)

@That Subtle Something -Welcome and Thanks!

@Solilo - I am going to miss you loads too!! Yes 'to friends'! And thank you for the wishes!

@Manju - I want to blog - but am not sure how much I will be able to. The first 3 weeks is full of travelling.. Last 4 weeks at my parents place - the last 3 times tht I was there - there was always some problem with the internet -which gets sorted out the moment I leave:) So keeping fingers crossed.. Yaad to bahut aayegi!!

Smitha said...

@Sagarone - I don't want to stay away from blogging - hoping that I won't have to :) And thank you for the wishes..

@Indyeah - Thank you! And I'll miss you too!! Write loads so that I have loads of reading material when I get back :)

@Hitchwriter - I missed you out in the likst - Have added you now - so sorry - please accept apologies and the awards:)

Smitha said...

@Chirag - I can't believe 7 weeks myself - guess thats one of the few advantages of being on a sabbatical from work :) I remember once when I asked for 3 weeks - while I was working - I was asked - 'Why are you getting married?':)
Yes, there is something about IHM!!

@Goofy Mumma - Thank you so much for your kind words!

@Varunavi - Thanks so much for the wishes. Yes IHM, certainly deserves an award tailor made for her! Do keep visiting!

@Sahaja - Thanks for the wishes - will come back and try out more recipes from your foodie blog :)

hitch writer said...

Oh thanks for the awards !!

however my jealousy is not getting any lesser....

7 weeks holiday !!!!!!!!! how ?

Smitha said...

@Hitchwriter - Thats the luck of being on a sabbatical from work - and looking at the state of the economy - I may have a very long sabbatical indeed :)

Jay said...

Kind thanks, Smitha.


Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot dear..Your words amde me soooooooo happy..this is the only world where i ahve friends like yo to criticize and appreciate..thanks again :)

Have a great holiday..and we will miss you a lot..Take care,but enjoy your days to the full..It ahppens only once a year..God bless..

Anonymous said...

Will surely follow up Goofymama's campaign..

Smitha said...

@Trailblazer - You are welcome!

@Nimmy - Thanks so much for your kind words and the wishes! And do take part in the campaign - it is probably the least we can do..

Indian Home Maker said...

I feel so fortunate to have found such lovely like minded friends in the blogosphere Smitha ... and your words are overwhelming, Thank You.

I have had this page open all day, read this many times and didn't know how to express my gratitude ... Thank You for the encouraging awards, and even more for your wonderful, wonderful words ... Hugs, IHM

Anonymous said...

Hi Smitha,

I really really thank you for the awards. Today I am feeling lost and out but your awards have made my day.. thanks again :)

Welcome back here and enjoy your holidays to the fullest.

Me too felt the same about blogging at first. Then come back after 7 weeks as the same enthusiastic blogger.. Love to see you soon here..
Enjoyyyyyyyyyyyy... :) :) :)

Vinod_Sharma said...

Smitha, thanks for the's been good knowing you. And as Solilo are already being missed!
Have a great holiday.

Smitha said...

@Thank you IHM and as you see from the comments - so many of us think this of you :)

@Kanagu - I am so happy to hear that! Hope you are feeling better now - and keep those lovely stories coming! Thanks for the wishes.

@Vinod - Thank you! As usual - you are too kind and thanks for the wishes!

OG said...

internet God???? :) Yippieee..
one more.....

Smitha said...

Sure - if you can have a 'coconut god' - I can have my 'Internet god':)

Usha Pisharody said...

First time here, though I have been wanting to visit, :)

Congratulations! And I am sure you're going to have a blast at home! Great!

I am of course, intrigued :D! And tempted to ask all the usual questions.. but shall not :) Suffice to say that I am glad someone out here is a lot like me :) Thank you for that!

Shall keep coming back. For now, have a great holiday too!

Smitha said...

@Usha Pisharody, Welcome! Have been a lurker at your blog - just never got around to commenting :) You have a lovely blog! Thank you for the wishes and do keep visiting!

vimmuuu said...

Ohh are leaving? Just when I came know of your blog ! Happy vacation.Enjaaaaay !

Thanks a lot for the awards. They really mean a lot to me !

Will place the awareness badge too !

Bones said...

Thanks for the award! I hope you have a great holiday and continue blogging...

Smitha said...

@Vimmuuu - I can't tell you how bad I feel - to be not blogging!! I am going to miss all your lovely posts - the only good thing is - I'll have loads of reading material when I get back!

@Bones - Thanks for the wishes - Keep blogging - I will be looking out for your entertaining nuggets!

Indian Home Maker said...

Hey we are all going to miss you so much Smitha :(
Have fun and we will be waiting here and looking forward to reading your thought provoking posts once again...
Love, IHM

Smitha said...

@IHM, Thank you so much - I am going to miss you sooo much! Hopefully - will atleast get to read posts - if not actually post :) See- I am still on the comp - I have to log off!! Thank you again!

J P Joshi said...

Congratulations on the well deserved awards, and of course for the 7 week of vacations to this soulfull land. Yes blogging is something one starts enjoying with blogger friends..... my wife says that I am addicted... am trying to get her addicted too so that we can both enjoy the ethereal world of friendships. Happy Vacations!!!

Mavin said...

Thank you for both the awards.

Have a great vacation.

N said...

Hi Smitha,
Please do drop in. I have something for you :). would be honoured if you accept.

Happy Kitten said...

Thank you very much Smitha for the award. It really does make me feel good!

Wish you and your family a great vacation and we do hope you will remember the blogosphere once in a while. Vacations in India will always be hectic and your time will seldom be your own. But we shall eagerly wait for your posts or at least some pictures while you are there.

Anonymous said...

7 weeks? Holy shit! I'm jealous! :)

Indyeah said...

You are tagged!:)

kanagu said...

Hi Smitha,

You have been awarded:

Anonymous said...

Smi Smi! Mish you. When are you coming back?

SD said...

A tag awaits you on my blog.

Smitha said...

@JPJ - Thank you so much!!! Am having a great time in India!

@N - Thank you so much! Will pick it up right away:)

@Happy Kitten - Thanks! I am having a wonderful time - haven't had the chance to blog yet :)

@Mirrorcracked - I can't believe it myself :)

@Indyeah - thanks for the tag - my very first - will prob take some time before I can do it though.

@Kanagu - Thanks loads!!! Will pick it up right away.

@Solilo - Missing you loads too - haven't had a chance to read your posts yet. Will be back on Mar 14th. Enjoying myself in kerala right now :)

@Goofy Mumma - Thanks so much for the tag. Will pick it up right away.

Anonymous said...

nice blog

Anonymous said...

Come back sooon dear :) Miss you...

OG said...

hey how is vacation???? and from your relative absence from your blog, I can tell that the "Internet Gods" have not been kind to you... LOL

Happy Kitten said...

Smitha: time for a short peek I think.....

Hope your days are as hectic but memorable as I can imagine!

Indyeah said...

plzz come back soon:)
missing you here:)

Anonymous said...

hey r u nt back yet?

i went, hibernated and came back also....thinking i wud read loads from urs.....
come back sooooooooon! :)

Smitha said...

@Sagari - Thank you. Will hop over to yours in a bit.

@Nimmy - I am back - so sorry about the delay in repying.

@Ajit - Vacation was great - felt too short :) Talk about greed :) This time, not just internet god - time god was not happy with me - just did not have the time to sit at a computer to blog.

@Happy Kitten - I had the most wonderful vacation - wish I did not have to come back.

@Indyeah - I'm back - missed you too - have to jump to your blog - I missed soo much during my break.

@Sahaja -I'm back - had a great time. I have so much to read - can't tell you!

Anonymous said...

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