Thursday, 19 March 2009

Its all about me today :) 25 Things..

Ever since I got back from vacation, I have been itching to write - but for some reason or the other - it seems to be evading me.. I seem to get a total writer's block as soon as I am able to sit at the laptop. Add to that the fact that my house is in a complete state of mess - I am hardly able to sit down and type.

So I decided to do a tag instead.. I had been tagged by IHM and Goofy Mumma to do the '25 Things about me' tag. As such, I find it difficult to write about myself - does this count as one point :) So here I go...

1. I love reading - I can read anything - I even read takeaway menus, cereal box cartons, etc for the want of reading material. And I read very very fast!

2. I do not know if I can call myself a foodie - but I dream of food :) Having said that - I am not too fond of cooking.

See - I'm struggling at 2 points... what else..

3. I love playing scrabble. There is an online Scrabble Club, where one can play scrabble 24*7 - I play whenever I get a chance. Before I started blogging - most of my free time used to be spent there:)

4. When I was in school, we used to get one book to take home to read - which was far too less for me. So I made a deal with all the boys who hated reading, to give me their books and I would simply tell them the story instead. We had to write a synopsis of the stories so that that the librarian could verify that we were reading the books. My parents caught on to that and started checking my bag, on the library day - so then I started taking the books home the next day. Can't believe I was so devious - but anything for books..

5. I really envy people who say that they have no regrets in life - there are so many things I would do differently if I had a chance..

6. I talk way too much and my daughter seems to have inherited that from me. Husband on the other hand, has a tough time, trying to get a word in :)

7. I am good at picking up languages - and am waiting to get back Bangalore to add Kannada to my list.

8. The only time, I ate totally healthy food was when I was pregnant - I used to check labels, fat content and eat only the healthiest fruit and veg! So I put on very little weight while I was pregnant - but ate so much afterwards that all that good work went down the drain :(

9. I was very laid back at school, while still managing good grades - I used to maintain a rank between 3 and 6 - with minimal effort. So my teachers and parents were always giving me grief about 'how much I could achieve if I put in just 25% more effort' :) All that changed as soon as I reached the 11th standard - when the fear of 'what would happen if I don't get into engg' took over me :)

10. My favourite subjects in school was Maths, Physics and English. Most people used to find it a weird combination.

Hey - I don't seem to be getting anywhere - could I just make up a few points :) No? ok - will try harder...

11. I try to be punctual. I hate it when other people do not turn up in time.. and not even bother to call and let you know that they are going to be late. The only time, that I got majorly late was when I read an invite wrong. It was an invite for 11:30 am which I misread as 1:30 :( That was so embarrassing.. but the best part was, that while we turned up at 1:30 - there were several others who turned up even later - despite being aware of the correct time...

12. I used to be a total workaholic.. I used to love my job. If somebody had told me 3 years back that I would be happy to be a stay-at-home mum - I would have probably laughed! Guess that's what they say about people changing - or is it priorities changing?

13. I am quite disorganised - I like to say that there is an order in my disorder :) My husband is totally organised - but he can never find things :) We have a standing joke if he keeps away something - 'sambhal ke' - we'll never find it again :)

14. I was a total tomboy when I was growing up - still am to an extent. I am extremely lazy things like changing earrings and other accessories - how I wish I were more girly. As my mother says, no 'soundarya bodham' in Malayalam. Thankfully, my daughter is more like my mother - nothing pleases her more than jewellery :)

15. I always wanted to get involved in politics....

16. I am not a very religious person - but I love hearing about legends associated with different temples and traditions. For some reason, that kind of information fascinates me.

17. For a very long time, for some weird reason, I just did not read Harry Potter books - I don't even remember why.. But one fine day - I started one, got hooked and then read all of them in one shot. I remember going to work, with bloodshot eyes as I had read through the night.

18. I am quite an emotional person.. I can cry at the drop of a hat. I cry while reading books, watching movies.. just about anything - This is one thing I wish I could change about me..

19. I once stood up to my teacher in 7th standard because he pulled my hair for talking in class. I found it extremely offensive and asked for an apology. He did apologize and thankfully, never held a grudge against me for that, and we went on to get along really well. I really respect him for that.

20. I thrive in company.. I love meeting up with people, having people over.. That's one of the things I miss most about being abroad... its much more fun in India.

21. I am extremely lazy when it comes to working out. I have been trying to lose my baby weight for over 2 years - with no success :(

22. The most precious moment for me, was when my daughter was born... It was worth everything.

23. I love ironing - stop smirking , you guys! I get that all the time! But, seriously, I just love ironing.. Love the feel of freshly ironed clothes - I always iron my clothes before wearing them :)

24. I am told that I get overly passionate about causes I really care about..

25. I never tell people my birthday - unless it's coerced out of me..

Thank god, its over... This is one of the most difficult posts that I have had to write.. It has taken me over 3 hours to do this tag - that's huge by my standards - sooo glad its done though :) Thankfully, I don't have to tag anyone - I think everyone I know has been tagged. In case any of you reading this has not been tagged - please do go ahead and do it!


Indyeah said...

Loved your tag Smitha:)
will be back to comment:)
in a rush now:)

hitch writer said...


I love food too and do dream of meals... lol :)

Scrabble, as you know was my most favourite till my favourite site betapet stopped, and i found blogging... and now i have so many more wonderful friends... ! :D

Devious bout books ? and why would your parents want you to not have books... my mom waas always dying to get me to read... !!! ;)

I have regrets, and the people who say no regrets either dont mean it seriously or lying...

geee my wife talks too much... thats why i married her, coz i dont...

Maths & Physics... geee... :( i was a dumbo

are you in politics ? we need people like you !

the crier's club is getting bigger and bigger it seems...

My two brothers watched harry potter so many times and read thenovels so manytimes and played his games so much... i hate the character... i dont want to read or see him... i m fed up of him... unfortunately my son is crazy bout him tooo :(

geee you stood up to your teacher.... wish i cud do that... i was smashed quite a few times... by teachers... lol... but i deserved them...

u love ironing... ha ha ha ha
sorry but cant help it !! alternate career is ready ha ha ha... sorry.. lol

India is the best !!!! no two thought bout it....

why wouldnt you tell your birthday... i tell to all so that they remember it and wish me or give me gifts.... I act as if i dont like the gifts and their calls but i seriously and honestly love the attention... !!!!

great to read bout you.... !!!!

OG said...

LOL Smitha.... :) about complete mess.... :) I dwell in that :P

@ point 1: yes same here.. :)

@ 2: In these 3 months here, I have improved as a cook, and people have actually started liking what I make ... :P

@4 : LOL.... :)
@10 : that is a good combination of subjects... :)

@14, LOL

@19: that took some nerves... :) Is there a smiley for virtual salute... :P

@23, LOL... :) I hate ironing... :)

and btw, when is your birthday? :)
:P lol.... :) good read Smitha!!!

Anonymous said...

1. Reading cereal box cartons too :)
2. With you there. I love to gorge on but not a fan of cooking. I would prefer a cook anyday like we have in India. Here we don't have an option so I cook. I do like trying something new though.
3. I play online scrabble too at wordbiz.
7. Same here.
8. I didn't even take prenatals during pregnancy.
11. Tell me about it. Some people don't even have the courtesy to call if they are late. I hate that.
14. I was the same then I changed for good.
15. Not late :)
16. My views exactly. I love history associated with anything.
18. I am now.
19. Ha..ha..good job.
21. Ahem..
22. Yes.
23. Ironing? So cute.

Smi, Was good knowing a bit more about you. Hope you are unpacked and settled now. How is little poohi doing? I don't know the name so I just remember her playing with Winnie the Pooh puzzles before you left for India.

Vinod_Sharma said...

Nice insights Smitha. Well I am like your husband in so far as "sambhal ke rakhna" is concerned! Also, once I put money in wallet, I can never remember how much there is in it!.

I like the smell of freshly ironed clothes.

vimmuuu said...

1. so next time, you dont have anything to read, I will send you my TV, fridge, AC manual. But please return them soon. LOL.

6. Poor hubby ! his state is similar to that of a watchman of a ladies hostel !!!

11. Me too.

15. .....and ??????

23. I thought only I loved it. I have company now !!!

25. The credit card people would have tough time with you on the phone calls !!!

Nicely done tag !

Indyeah said...

Okay I am back:)

LOL@As such, I find it difficult to write about myself - does this count as one point
no it doesnt :P

'' I love reading - I can read anything - I even read takeaway menus, cereal box cartons, etc for the want of reading material. And I read very very fast!''
So what is it that you don't read?:D The grocery store,the electronics store must be heaven for you:D

this was cute Smitha:)

you dream of food?:Dbut are not fond of cooking?:D
heh!heh!so who cooks in your dreams?:D

i love scrabble too:)though almost everyone is better than me :D

Smitha the fourth point is so me!I swear!because mom and dad used to frown upon too many story books and not enough studying:D so I had to finish my studies firs before I was allowed to read novels and comics:D

Regrets...I think very few people can say that..:)

no6 lol!so cute!I am like that too:)(((hugs))

I am not great at picking up languages..:((
I envy you:P

no9 :D you were laidback?:D I was too sadly though in my case i never quite woke up :D

10 Maths and Physics??*looks in awe*

I was pathetic at both!English and Hindi were my fav subjects alongwith sst..

but maths?I still have nightmares:D

you were one brainy gal!

I am very punctual too :)
I am kinda a workholic though not sure yet:)coz i am always out of office

I was a tomboy too:D
it comes through in your writings the way you write with passion and conviction:)

yeah I love such information too:)

'' I once stood up to my teacher in 7th standard because he pulled my hair for talking in class. I found it extremely offensive and asked for an apology. He did apologize and thankfully, never held a grudge against me for that, and we went on to get along really well. I really respect him for that.''

amazing is all I can say:D

I love harry potter books too:D and I cry a lot too though only while watching movies and all:D

''The most precious moment for me, was when my daughter was born... It was worth everything.'' sweet:)god bless you and your loved ones:)and your lil daughter ofcourse:)

I love meeting ppl too:)

Loved reading this tag Smitha:)I had barely gotten to knwo you when you had to go on your holiday:)now I got a new glimpse into your life and all that you are:))


Smitha said...

@Indyeah - I saw that you have commented - will read and respond :)

@Hitchwriter - Dhiren - I love your nickname - Hitchwriter!
You too dream of food !! Great to know that I have company :)

My parents were really worried that I would flunk exams as all that I did in those days was read :)

loved this - 'geee my wife talks too much... thats why i married her, coz i dont... '

Maths and physics - coz they needed minmal effort once you understood the concept - I was extremely laidback :)

'crier's club' lol!

You hate Harry Potter!!!Oh no!

Alternate career - that does sound like a good option - esp given the condition in UK - I'll never get another job now :(

Loved reading your comment! It was far more fun than my post!

Smitha said...

@Ajit, The complete mess was thanks to my husband.. He did not consider it necessary to do any lanudry or vaccumming while I was away :)

You too? disorganised? Great -great to know that I have company :)

May be you should invite us all for dinner one of these days :)Atleast a virtual one :)

Ya - most people I know hate ironing.. I really should take up Hitchwriter's idea of the alternat career ;)

As for birthday - its a BIG secret :)

@Solilo , I managed to get a cook here too - when I was working.. But was not too happy with her - so let her go when I took my sabbatical. One thing I used to hate was to come home after work and cook..
You play at wordbiz too??? Wow! What's your id - maybe we could play one day!!

I think knowing Malayalam - makes it easy to pick up any other language :) You should hear the language my daughter speaks now.. She talks a totally weird combination of Malayalam and English!

As for politics- have given up on that :) What with Varun gandhi and his likes.. probably better to keep away :)

I am almost settled in - I have a load of ironing to do :)

As for Poohi - I love that name!!!! She is fine.. missing India.. every now and then she puts on her shoes and wants to go to Ammamma's house :)

Smitha said...

@Vinod, You too ? So you are in the 'Sambhal ke rakhna' category :) Will let my husband know :) By the way, my husband follows your blog and he is quite a fan :)

And freshly ironed clothes - you too?

You should really tell us some more about yourself - you are a real enigma!!

@Vimmuuu - Thank you very much for your very generous offer :) Will certainly return it quickly:) I don't think I'll have that problem very soon - Have 1000 + posts still remaining in my reader !!!

'Poor hubby ! his state is similar to that of a watchman of a ladies hostel !!! ' Loved this!!!! Will let him know - am sure he will agree.. You know what - these days, daughter has picked up some Malayalam - so he does not even understand what we are talking about most of the time :)

15 - Given up ! Not worth the hassle - esp given the kind of people we have in politics now..

You love ironning tooo!!! Vimmuuu - You are a man after my own heart! Have never never heard that from anybody!!!

25 - lol !

Waiting to read your 25 things!

Smitha said...

@Indyeah.. As usual - your comment is more fun than my post!

'The grocery store,the electronics store must be heaven for you' - yes , the doctor's office too.. any place with pamphlets :)

who cooks in my dreams? Well never thought of that - they just magically appear!! One time, I dreant so much about Pav Bhaji that I absolutely had to go and eat it :) Thankfully, I was in Ahd then - so that was not so difficult to do :)

You too - too much reading and not enough studying!!! One time, I think I was in the 6th standard - I came home with the whole, unabridged version of Pride and prejudice - and Dad actually locked it up :(

Maths and physics - no need for awe - these subjects just needed minimal effort - once you understood the concept - lazy me - hated wasting valuable time studying - not when I had so many books to read :)

Hindi ! *looks in awe* I was so bad at Hindi - my parents made my go for tution for it. I must have been the only child to have tution in Hindi - was so happy when ICSE was over and ISC did have have Hindi has a compulsory subject!!

Tomboy - Guessed that abt you after reading your tag :)

I think I really started enjoying blogging after I started 'meeting' people here :)

Destination Infinity said...

I really wonder how people read so many books - so fast. For me, reading a single book (I read non fiction mostly these days) takes an average of 4 months! I am very very slow. Of late, I am going beyond even this 4 months on one book! I envy people when they say that they can finish a book in one week or less than that. Even fiction would take me two weeks if I am on holidays without any other work!

Destination Infinity

Smitha said...

Destination Infinity! You write so beautifully - its difficult to believe that you don't read a lot! Guess its just different styles of reading - I can't stop once I've started something - I have finished books in one sitting :) But that was before my daughter was born - after that - life changed a lot :) I read fiction as well as non fiction and also re-read them :)

Happy Kitten said...

Smitha.. that was nice getting to know we know why you are a smart writer!

Maths, Physics and English.. they are my fav too.. but I did not study hard enough to pass the eng. entrance hence had to settle for Physics.. I still love the subject as long as no one asks me to answer examinations! a waste of time I should say!

as for reading. .I guess even I devour everything in print if i dont get anything else sensible.. but books were in plenty since even my mother was a "hopeless" reader.

can understand.. priorities change when one becomes a mother...

as u said the comments are even better... a little of everyone...

Smitha said...

@Happy Kitten! Thank you! Not sure I am all that good a writer - I just write whatever I feel :( not very orderly or planned you know..

Maths, Physics and English..You too!!! Can't tell you how happy I am to know that :) I used to be like a rare creature :) And I prob would have taken Physics or English - had engg not worked out :) I guess I will know how much I remember of physics when daughter starts it :) Totally out of touch with anything academic for almost 10 yrs now :)

Books were plenty at home too - but sometimes I used to either run out of books or end up in a place with no books - like the doctors' office :)

I know - loved your comment too - have you done this tag? If not - please please do it - would love to know more about you!

Indian Home Maker said...

Smitha I read this lovely tag, and had some problem with my computer (becoming very hot and switching off)... hence missed leaving any comment:(

Bringing home boys' books on the next day... you helped them learn and enjoyed reading yourself,that was wow!!

About regrets- I also don't think I have any regrets in life, but that only means I don't think about things that could have been done better or not done... why waste time or hurt ourselves thinking about something we cannot change?
Talking a lot - lol I share that! That is why we blog... but some bloggers might blog but are actually quiet in real life :)
Being good at languages is a blessing!!!!!!
I think pregnancy makes us responsible eaters! I did the same :)
You are so fortunate to like such useful subjects! I was no good at Physics and Maths... and till today envy those who are good at it. and yes one generally expects maths kind to have no interest in language or literature :) So you were definitely a very good but laid back student... and still scored well!

Tomboy because you don't like jewlery? LOL my sister was the tomboy at my place (I was labelled the bookworm)but she always loved jewelry and I love clothes but can't wear jewelry (except for occasions) ...

Wow you wanted to be involved in politics .. as in join? Then why make it past tense? I have seen some bloggers mention as interest in joining politics - why don't they? We need such people - like you (And Chirag is another one) - unprejudiced, can think clearly, tolerant and Democratic to join, and it's only when a common citizen joins that this country will become tolerant. I mean it very seriously. Do remain interested, and get involved. Whichever way you like to.

12, 13 apply to me. Whenever I have picked an odd job - even a voluntary job, I was a workaholic. And I am disorganised, that is why I was so grateful you reminded me to come and read this post again ... I am forever lost :(
22, 23, 24 - me too. Yes I also love ironing...( don't do much now, but when I do I love it, another thing I love is washing clothes, I like to go through & try all options in the washing machine
Learning about temple legends is fun, and I cry while watching movies, reading books etc too :)

I am also passionate about my causes. I think we should be, so long as we are also tolerant... What will we do if we don't feel strongly about something?

This tag was great, it was great reading it, some of it I would have guessed, ... Somehow I can easily imagine your standing up against a teacher...
It is amazing how much of a person we can see and know, simply from reading their blog!!
I am so glad we met in the blogosphere Smitha :))

Anonymous said...
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Smitha said...


Bringing home boys' books on the next day... you helped them learn and enjoyed reading yourself,that was wow!! - I think I had entirely selfish motives of being able to read that many books :)

Regrets - Guess you are right about that - whats the point in wondering about things you can't change...

Yes, I am sure that there are loads of bloggers, who don't talk as much, but blogging is a release..

You were a responsible eater during pregnancy too ? I lost all the good work after she was born - ate way too much :(

Not sure how useful Maths and Physics are actually- have had no use for it eversince I started working:( I am really convinced that Literature and History are much more useful.. But I guess grass is always greener on the other side..

Tomboy - coz I was quite a tomboy - used to play cricket with the boys - had no interest in anything girly :) Was a bookworm too - Was quite a complex mixture... Almost all my friends were boys for a very long time.. To add to it - went on to do mechanical engg :)

I always wanted to join politics - not actually stand for elections - not quite cut out for that - but would love to do back room work - you know what I mean.. Logistics, strategy.. Will definitely join some NGO once I'm back in India..

You too - disorganised? Can't believe it - Somehow - I get the feeling that you are always on the top of things :)

Really - ironing - Oh I am so glad, I've actually found 2 others - you and Vimmuuu love ironing! I had not met a single person - until I posted this :) And I try out all the options on the washing machine too :)

Thank you so much for your kind words -'I am so glad we met in the blogosphere '- I have to say - The pleasure is all mine :)