Sunday, 15 March 2009

Vacations Over :(

As far as I can remember, coming back from a vacation has always been a very sad, empty feeling for me. When we were all young, all my cousins used to gather in Kerala for every summer vacation - and what a time that was! Coming back to Jamshedpur after all that fun was so boring. After a point, board exams, college started for the elder ones, then for me .. so vacation time was time at home with Amma and Achan - and that was just as sad when it ended.

Now, being a mother, coming back from a vacation is much, much more heart-wrenching with my daughter's tears added to the mix. My daughter refused to let go of my parents, making me wish we did not have to go back. The only thing that made it all worth it was when she clung on to her dad and cried on seeing him when we reached here..

Anyways, as they say, life goes on, whether we like it or not, and here I am back after 7 weeks of vacation - which by the way, still felt too little - talk about greed! Jet lagged and awake at 4 in the morning - what is the only thing I can do without waking up everybody - blogging of course! If there was anything I missed during my break - it was blogging and all my blogging friends! I just did not have the time to sit at a computer, long enough to even check my mails.. So now I have 200 + unread mails and 1000+ unread posts in my reader - now that's some reading material :) And to top it all - I managed to miss out on the most blog worthy valentine's day ever! So I'm off to read all your posts - see you there!


Mavin said...

Welcome back!

Anonymous said...

Hello dear...

Missed you a lot..

Hope you had a great time in India..

Keep posting...

Good day

Anonymous said...


Hugs and tears of happiness!

Missed you so much. Just the other day I was thinking that you must already be back and tired.

I know it is sad always to leave India and parents esp. after a long vacation. Time is still not enough. But as you say life goes on and it will take couple of days to get back to the routine. Settle and give us all the details.

Share some yum goodies :)):))

Were you refering to Pinked Valentine? Ha..ha..ha..

BTW didn't know that you were a Malayali I mean I doubted but was not sure and when you mailed me from the airport I thought hmm. the last name seems Malayali but still :):)

Hugs to little one. So happy to see you back. Muah..muah..muah.

manju said...

Welcome back, Smitha! Missed you! :)

Saritha said...

Welcome back :)

Happy Kitten said...

Welcome back to the blogosphere Smitha..

Glad to know that you had a great time.. can very well relate to your woes.... it breaks one's heart to board the plane back.. but then life has to be lived..

waiting to read more from you..

Vinod_Sharma said...

Welcome back Smitha....after ages!

Indian Home Maker said...

Hey!!! It's so good to see you back :)

Yup getting back 'home' after vacations is always tough! I met some people in my family recently and left a sobbing niece behind too :(

Indyeah said...

Welcome back Smitha:))missed you and its been soooo long...

PS:-probs with comp right nw so I am without one:(

Anonymous said...

Welcome Back Smitha!

Missed you !

Smitha said...

@Mavin - Thank you!

@Nimmy! Had a wonderful time. Take care

@Solio - Thanks loads - Hugs back to you too! It is so sad to leave parents isn't it - even though we all know that we have to! Long time back - before I went off to college - the prospect of leaving home and going to college and becoming independant used to look so very attractive... Now, all I wish is that I could spend more time with my parents.. Our perspective changes so much with time...

Smitha said...

@Manju, Thank you! It is great to be back in the blogging world:)

@Varunavi - Thank you!

@Happy Kitten - Yes, it is indeed heart breaking :(

@Vinod - I know, I just did not find the time to sit down and blog :( or even read posts for that matter.. Have loads of your posts to read.

@IHM - Yes, it is sad, isn't it? No matter how long a vacation is - still does not feel long enough..

@Indyeah - Thanks so much and hugs back to you! Without a comp - that must be tough!! I read some of your posts- but have not commented yet :(

@Solio - Forgot to respond completely - apologies..
As for 'yum goodies' - should I email you some:) or post some snaps :)
And yes I was referring to the Pinked Valentine -
It was such a 'tragedy',
I missed bloggin abt the 'Pink Chaddi'! :)

@Everbody - Seeing all your comments makes me feel so nice - its like belonging to a virtual family - Thank you so much!!!

J P Joshi said...

Just seven weeks......and just see the grand reception you are getting!!!! Agree with the rest of the commenters.

Anonymous said...

Welcome back Smitha :) missed u a lot.. hope you had a good time in India

Pixie said...

Welcome back! :)

Missed you...

I miss my parents too.. that too when they stay 3 hrs away!
Glad to know you had a good time back at home...

OG said...

:) 7 weeks is long time!!!!!
great to see you back in action!!!!

though i feel sorry for you...LOL that your vacation is over....:)

hehehhehehe..... :)

some photos of Kerala in your next post????
i would love to see my state :)

Smitha said...

@JPJ - I know! I am feeling less homesick already :)

@Kanagu - Thank you! Have not got to your blog yet :(

@Pixie - Thank you so much! I guess we will always miss our parents - irrespective of how far they are :)

@Ajit - 7 weeks is long - and even that seemed less :) As for snaps - definitely! Will do a photo-post one of these days!

Chirag Chamoli said...

Welcome back! :)

Anonymous said...

Good to see you back. Sure, you had a nice time... What you say about vactions is so true. But then, that's the fact of life, there'sn't much we can do about it.

Smitha said...

@Chirag, Pradeep - Thank you! Have not had a chance to check out what you guys have been doing while I was away:)

vimmuuu said...

Heyyy...look whos back !!!! Welcome back my friend !

hitch writer said...

Tan Tana... Music Drums !!!!

Welcome back !!

geeee was i jealous or what at that 7 week holiday !!!

geee you had fun !!!! touchwood !!!

god bless !!!

Smitha said...

@Vimmuuu - Thank you! Haven't had a chance to check out what you've been doing:( Been a little busy...

@Hitchwriter! Thank you! Yes, had a great time! Can you believe it that even 7 weeks seemed less :) Greedy me :) Will hop over to your blog - sometime today :)